The present general terms and conditions apply to all commercial transactions in our shop,, hereinafter Seller. For more information see Seller stayed Legal Notice asks of every page of this store.

We ask you to carefully read these Terms of Sale before ordering. If you do not agree with all conditions of purchase, should not make any order.

1. Activity
The seller sells remote rice.

2. Content and information provided on the website reserves the right to modify the commercial offer presented on the website (changes to products, prices, promotions and other sales and service) at any time. Seller makes every effort within its means to provide the information contained in the website is accurate and no typographical errors. In the case that at some point an error of this kind at all times outside the will of Seller occurs, immediately be corrected. There is a typographical error in one of the displayed prices and a client has made a purchase decision based on that error, Seller will notify the client of the error and the customer is entitled to cancel the purchase at no cost on your part.

The contents of the web site Seller may, at times, show provisional information on some products. In the event that the information provided does not correspond to the characteristics of the product the customer is entitled to cancel the purchase at no cost on your part.

3. Sales System
To make a purchase, the user can choose several ways to send us your order:
• Internet through the "shopping cart"
• By telephone number 961701852 or email

4. Applicable taxes
The prices of the products displayed on the web page, include Value Added Tax (VAT) which, if any, is appropriate to apply.
Purchases will be delivered within the territory of any Member states of the European Union are subject to VAT.

5. Payment
When ordering, the customer will pay the purchases made by any type of credit card (payment gateway BBVA).


6. Form, shipping costs and time sends orders to its customers through various courier companies of recognized national and international prestige. The delivery date at the customer's address depends on the chosen product availability and shipping area. Transport times are available in the section of our website "Shipping Costs". Before confirming your order we will inform the customer about the shipping and transportation deadlines that apply to your specific order. However, the transport time may vary depending on the specific circumstances of each order. In particular:

* Normally delivery dates are established in 24 hours.

* Transport times may be altered by extraordinary incidents in the transport and difficulties in delivering the goods.

* It should be borne in mind that the purpose of delivery not Saturday, Sunday and public holidays (national and local) were counted.


7. Rights of buyer and return policy guarantees its customers the option to cancel your order at any time and at no cost if the cancellation is communicated before the order has been made available to the carrier for shipment.

The customer shall have a period of seven days from receipt of the order to the contract and return the product purchased. A customer shall within the stipulated time and for any lawful means, their desire to exercise the right to terminate the contract. The returned order must be submitted along with the delivery note and your bill if issued to Seller, at the buyer the cost of return.

If a different product requested by the client was delivered by mistake, it will be withdrawn and given the right product at no additional charge to the buyer.
For any incident related to the return of items in our store, please contact our customer service department via email: or phone 961 701 852.

8. Customer Obligations
The client agree at all times to provide truthful information about the data requested in user registration form or placing an order, and keep updated at all times.

The customer agrees to accept all terms and conditions contained in these Terms of understanding that reflect the best possible service for the type of activity performed

It also agrees to hold in confidence and with the utmost diligence their personal access codes to our website.

The customer agrees to allow the delivery of the order by providing a delivery address where it can be delivered the order requested within the usual time of delivery of goods (Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 13:30 and 16: 00 to 18:00). In case of default by the client of this obligation, shall have no liability for delays or failures in delivery of the order requested by the customer.

9. Applicable law and jurisdiction
The purchases made in are subject to the legislation of Valencia.
In case of any conflict or inconsistency, the applicable jurisdiction shall be the Courts and Tribunals of the seller.